Do You Know What’s The Right Day or Time to Send Emails?

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If you are an entrepreneur, email marketer or sales representative you must know when to send emails to your customers to get more people open it.

You could be write a stunning subject line and create attractive email design for your email campaign, but all go waste easily if you send email at wrong time.

So you must know what’s the right time to send your emails to customers or prospects or any?
Hubspot conducted a study on 20 million emails send over 10 months time to identify the ideal time to send emails which will get maximum open rate and found some interesting insights below

– Best day to send emails to get the best open rate is Tuesday.
– Best time to send emails is 11 Am in weekdays(Mon-Sat) and 9 PM in (Sun)

For more click here to download the massive report generated by HUBSPOT by analysing 20 Million emails sent over the past 10 months

Sourced From Hubspot

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