14 Checklist for Optimizing Your Marketing Email [Download Free E-Book]

14 Checklist for Optimizing Your Marketing Email [Download Free E-Book]

From the subject line to the closing, there’s a science to writing the perfect email.

Include too many pictures, and your clickthrough rate may decrease. Write too much text, and your message may overwhelm your reader — especially considering 48% of emails are opened on a smartphone.

In this ‘Hubspot’ ebook, How to Write the Perfect Email, they’ll walk you through the 14 key steps to optimize your marketing emails for opens, clicks, subscribers, and more. It cover how to:

  • Prioritize the goals of your emails
  • Nail the tone of your email to build trust with your audience
  • Time your sends to make sure your email is actually read
  • Segment your emails by lifecycle stage, content engagement, and more
  • Choose an impactful call-to-action

With each email send, marketers make countless decisions that influence whether your message gets opened, tossed, skimmed, or clicked. Don’t send your next blast without the latest optimization tips and industry data.

Check out this email optimization guide and learn how proper email optimization can boost your content downloads, convert more prospects, and increase your ROI.

E-Book Courtesy – Hubspot – Download E-Book Now

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