10 Tips & Tricks Helps you to Generate More Leads

10 Tips & Tricks Helps you to Generate More Leads

Lead Generation is 6000 years of old concept

6000 years ago, Mesopotamian tribe invented a way to trade goods and services by exchanging tea, spices, food, weapons and even human skulls. This was later termed barter system. Money did not exist then. But even after money was born, barter system didn’t die. You can still see young children exchange Pokemon cards, goods swapping website are on a rise and some communities in Spain and Greece still practice barter system. It is alive, well and truly in existence.

“Take my wood, give me your chicken.”

Lead generation – A barter system

A lead is a person or a company interested in your product or service. Lead generation is the process of attracting and capturing these leads’ contact information so that they can be contacted and converted to sales.

If you look closely, lead generation is very similar to barter, where people exchange their contact information for something valuable like an eBook, a consultation, discount coupons or a webinar. The only difference is that sharing contact information isn’t exactly like parting with your chicken, and getting an e-book isn’t as valuable as getting wood. But, it still is trade.

Many businesses struggle to do this trade right, and unfortunately miss out on opportunities that could have been their leads and maybe even customers. The primary reason for that is they think keeping a form or a phone number alone is good enough to generate leads, which is never the case. You have to give something valuable to get something valuable – Barter.

How to get better at barter

Never assume that anyone will be interested in sharing their contact information unless they see real value in what they are getting in exchange. When your prospects see the value, you need to encourage them to claim that value – which is called an offer.

An offer is essentially the backbone of a successful lead generation campaign. But, there are several other factors that play a role in generating leads.

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