How to Measure Success of Your PPC Campaigns with Google AdWords Metrics

How to Measure Success of Your PPC Campaigns with Google AdWords Metrics

“Without the right marketing metrics, you are shooting in the dark. The only way to know if things are working for you or not is those metrics.” — Ian Brodie


When you log into Google AdWords, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. On almost every page you’ll find a new table full of data, along with a graph that charts your different Adwords metrics over a given date range. For more experienced advertisers, the robust reporting capabilities are great for digging into ppc campaigns to make improvements. However, if you’re just getting started with Google AdWords, then it’s almost impossible to know where to look. In other words, how do you know which Adwords metrics are really important to review?

To answer that question, we need to take a step back and look at why we’re reviewing all these Adwords metrics in the first place. Ultimately, the goal is to use the data to improve the performance of your advertising campaigns. To use Google AdWords more effectively, it’s important to understand the business goals you’re trying to achieve and the data that’s most relevant to those goals. Below we’ll go over different Adwords metrics to focus on based on your goals.

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